Tracking your calories – The no count method

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Mindless eating is the new norm. Most people can’t even tell when they’re full. We eat in front of the tv, on the go or multitasking in some other way making it harder for us to tune into our body’s ability to regulate hunger and satiety.  In addition to making lifestyle changes to improve our eating habits, we can track calories to ensure we are getting a balanced diet and just the right amount of calories.

There are many ways to track calories…some are more advanced and complicated but there are also easier and manageable methods. I shared a video over on my you tube channel explaining 3 ways to track calories. Make sure to watch it to get deets on all three.

I will cover the PALM / HAND METHOD here today. This method allows you to use your own hand to guesstimate your intake.  The measurements are as follows:

Palm size – Protein

Fist size – Veggies

Cupped hand – Carbs including fruits

Thumb – fat

Women should generally eat four meals per day.  Each meal should include 1 palm of protein, 1 fist of veggies, and 1 cupped hand of carbs. 1 thumb equivalent serving of fat should be included in most meals to round of your nutrition.

As you can see, this method is quite simple and can be done discreetly even while at a restaurant or travelling. I am personally travelling to Cozumel, Mexico tomorrow and I will be leaving my containers and digital scale behind and I will be trading it in for this method of tracking. I will try my best document my experience and share with you upon my return.

Have a fab week!

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