Top 3 Meal Prep Tips

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It’s that time of year to be talking about health & fitness goals. You know what I mean…that’s all we hear everywhere.  My goal is to make sure you have the tools you need to stick to your health and fitness goals all year round and actually get results.  Nutrition, as we know, is 80% of the game. So, a lot of focus needs to be put there.  I have been talking a lot of about meal planning over the last couple of weeks because let’s face it, not everyone is good at planning and preparing meals in advance.  However, this is one skill that will helping succeed.  Even if  you have the best of intentions, if you do not plan, you will fail at some point.  It is all too easy to grab something unhealthy, under or over eat when unprepared.

Yesterday, I shared a video on Hacking Meal Prep. In this video, I shared some of my tips and tricks for doing meal prep right and succeeding at it. The video answers some of the questions I get frequently about this topic.  Make sure to check it out to get all the deets!

Here are three meal prep tips to get you started:

  1. Focus on trigger meals!  If you can’t do it all, focus on the ones that you mess up frequently. Maybe you skip breakfast often, so meal prep breakfast options. Or, you are too tired for dinner so you grab a slice of pizza on the way home, then plan for dinner meals. Got it?
  2. Multi-task! Meal prep does not have to take hours. You can find ways to cut time. I try to do a few things at the same time. i.e steam vegetables in my steamer while my chicken is cooking in the oven and rice is on the stove. You see what I mean?
  3. Re-invent left-overs! This is one of my favs because I always get asked if I get bored of eating the same thing. The answer is that I don’t because I find a why to spice it up!  For instance, I always make baked chicken breast but I use that chicken breast in so many different ways.  As is, in my quesadilla, throw it in a quick stir fry or healthy fried rice, make a sandwich, salad etc…the possibilities for that one protein option I prepare in advance is endless.

Do you meal prep? How often? What is your fav time and money saving trick?

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