How I Stayed on Track with My Fitness Goals while Vacationing

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I spent the last week in Cozumel, Mexico on vacation with my family – my hubby and two girls (4 year old and 6 month old).  To be honest, I didn’t feel that I was where I wanted to be to flaunt a bikini.  After some reflection,  I decided to wear my post baby #2 body with pride and packed up my two piece bikinis and headed to paradise.


img_7712Having said that, I wasn’t about to throw out my commitment and goals out the window and binge during my all-inclusive vacation. I went with a plan and I’m happy to I stuck to it for the most part.


There were a few things that helped me stay on track First of all, I was committed to enjoying my vacation without undoing all my hard work since I had Mikaela 6 months ago. Health & fitness is more of a mental challenge in my opinion than physical.  Once you accept what you want and how far you are will to go, the rest is EASY!  I was committed to finding balance.  This included allowing myself to have alcoholic beverages, the yummy Mexican food, and even dessert. BUT this also meant that I do not overeat or consume too much alcohol – the plan was for BALANCE!

I committed to eating four times a day and used visual cues to still portion control. I thought of my protein, starchy carb, veggie and fat intake as I put items on my plate. I reminded myself that I didn’t necessarily have to eat everything in one meal or one day to avoid that buffet food mentality, which causes people to overeat. There were absolutely NO SECONDS just because something tasted good.  I also allowed myself one small dessert and two alcoholic beverages per day (1 glass of wine with dinner & a margarita by the pool/beach.

Although I had planned to exercise daily while on vacation, I only managed to workout two days. With the two kids being on different schedules, it was challenging to get away. It was important to me that I was 100% present with them during our vacation so I accepted this change to my original plan. Instead, I spent a lot of time running around with my 4 year old and counted that as my exercise 😉 and that girl, does not get tired…she is a little energizer bunny! The upside is that I was GREAT with my nutrition so there was nothing to worry about.

To hear more tips on how you can stay on track on your next vacation, check out this video!

Do you struggle staying on track while travelling? What do you find challenging?

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