My Story and my ‘WHY’

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These are my reasons WHY….


4 years ago a major life event opened my eyes and gave me the courage to work towards letting go of my past, face my fears and pursue my dreams. 4 years ago, I gave birth to my beautiful (inside & out) daughter Evelina. You see at the time I was in a place where I felt incredibly stuck in a life that I created based on the status quo. I did all the right things and overcome so much obstacle to create a life that seemed perfect or near perfect from the outside in….

I grew up privileged and lost everything at the age of 11 when my father was gunned down in the street…I lost the only figure in my life that I felt really believed in me and loved me for who I was…I never coped with that loss…if fact, I lived in denial for years. I was molested for years by a close family friend and felt powerless because my pleas for help were met with denial…I was told numerous times growing up that I was ‘good for nothing’…creating very low self-worth and lack of belief in my abilities….in fact, I completely stopped doing work in school for a long time and met the expectations that were set out for me.

When I arrived in Canada from Ethiopia, I was constantly asked if I moved because I had nothing to eat in Ethiopia. The truth of the matter was I didn’t know what it meant to be poor until I arrived to Canada…I still have memories of school lunches that were so sad that I can only laugh about it now because the other option would be to cry at the memory…I remember being asked why I bring the same food (really lacking in nutrition) to school everyday and I always lied saying how it was my favourite. I became so good at faking things to fit in. At 16, one year after I arrived in Canada, I was on my own with two younger sisters with more responsibilities on my shoulders than I could carry…I worked full-time while in high school to make ends meet. In those days, the only thing that kept me going was that if I worked hard, that one day, I will have a better life and I wouldn’t have to worry about money ever again. My goal was survival there was no place for big dreams. There were times when I broke down…when that happened, I made some incredibly terrible choices that I am too ashamed to EVER say out loud. I thank God for always watching over me and somehow guiding me back on to the right path despite my lack of faith and anger towards Him.

I worked hard!!! I wanted to prove so many people wrong. I did very well in school – graduated at the top my class in college and university. I got a great job and worked my way up. I built a great career. Bought a home and car. God blessed me with so much! Things looked good on paper. I had arrived. The trouble was that I was so focused on creating stability in my life and running away from the struggle that I made so many decisions that took me far away from what I had always dreamed of – a life of freedom, community, and entrepreneurship. I was so scared of struggling like I did in my teenage years and early twenties that I had built my own walls in a life that was comfortable but not what I wanted for myself. I was STUCK! You know the Sunday night blues, right? I’m sure many of you can relate and I had them bad. I told myself that this was reality and I have to find enjoyment and passion elsewhere. This was okay until Evelina arrived.

Motherhood brought back all the insecurities and self-worth issues I had buried deep inside. I had gained so much weight and lost myself. I got depressed. I felt unworthy and unfit as a mother. I asked myself constantly how I can raise a confident daughter if I hate looking at myself in the mirror…if I’m too scared to pursue my passions…if I feel like I can’t unlock my potential???? Can you relate? I am a strong believer that kids do what they see you do and not what you tell them to do. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to raise the kind of child I wanted to raise without first creating change in my life. I had to take control and become my best self at all cost! I know many moms can relate to this! Being a mother is a HUGE responsibility and I was ready to give it all I got. THAT WAS THE DECISION THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING!!!

My transformation story

God works in mysterious ways because the perfect opportunity presented itself to me at just the right time. I didn’t have to be an expert in anything. I just had to be committed to working on myself on the inside and out and share my truth. It was hard work especially the mindset because years of negative self-image cannot be erased in weeks or even months…I started working out from the comfort of my home and sharing my journey on social media with the support of an incredible community. The weight started to melt and before I knew it I had lost 50 lbs, built an incredible community and a business without having to be the perfect anything!!!

Fast forward to now, I am 2 months postpartum with my second daughter, a second reason to push even harder with my goals and design the life that I want for myself and for them. I am so thankful that God led me to this path and I didn’t let FEAR stop me from pursuing an opportunity that has given me so much more than income and weight loss. For the first time in my life, I am coming to terms with my past and slowly letting go of all the hurt and anger. I wouldn’t have been able to do this if it wasn’t for the incredible community that I gained through this opportunity and all the personal development I was encouraged to do. I no longer feel trapped because I have found my way out…there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Every time my 4 year old tries to teach me how to squat or do a down ward dog, my eyes well up with tears because I know I made the right choice. I have gained a wealth of friends all over the United States and Canada. I have been able to travel and meet many of these women that have become my TRIBE. I have built a residual income business that is on track to earn 6 figures AND help me retire from my full-time job years before I ever thought was possible. I am now able to confidently raise my daughters and lead them by example to pursue a healthy fit life, dream big, and become a whole lot more of who they already are. I feel fit physically and emotionally and continue to work on myself from the inside out while helping other women like myself fight their demons and build their dream lives. I LOVE that I am able to share my passion with others and help women like myself duplicate my success. This is a dream come true because I value community and sisterhood and want to surround myself with other women that feel the same way.

I KNOW there are thousands out there that can relate to my story…many that feel stuck and like they are spinning their wheels. I am incredibly blessed to have found my calling and passion. I want to pay it forward and show those that are READY and WILLING to fight for their dream life how to do the same thing!


Remember, you are worthy of everything you desire and amazing just the way you are…you do not need to be a fitness expert, at your goal weight, you do not need to be a social media expert, popular, a sales person etc…I am none of those things. This business is about transforming yourself first, being your best self and sharing what has worked for you with others authentically. I am looking for those that are coachable, hard working, positive, motivated and SERIOUS about building their dream lives. I want to lock arms with other women of faith because God I strongly believe that God led me through all these trials in my life to this exact place so that I can help other women through my story, struggles and triumph. I will be there to guide you every step of the way and will provide you proven systems to help you build your own online coaching business.

If my story resonated with you and your heart is telling you that there is something here that you should explore…it is time to listen up, fit sister! Being challenged in life is inevitable but being defeated is optional. You CAN change your future! Every month, I mentor a few women and show them how to take control of their health & fitness as well as their life. If this is YOU, and you feel that it is your time, apply today! Don’t waste another minute!

I look forward to helping you change your life, fit mama! God bless!

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