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Hey Fit Mama!

I'm about to become your new fitness mentor and virtual fit sister! How? By providing you the same tools, accountability and inspiration that completely turned my health, fitness and life around.

I always knew that I had the potential for greatness. Knowing this is not the same as living it, however. I was confined by walls that I built myself, in a place where I was struggling physically, mentally and spiritually. Thankfully, the birth of my daughter, Evelina, opened my eyes and gave me the courage to work towards letting go of my past, face my fears and pursue my dreams. The first step was taking control of my health & fitness and after a 50 lbs weight loss journey, I can say it has been quite a ride but it is still the beginning.

For a long time, something inside of me has been saying "Dream big. Do more. Help others do the same." I didn't know exactly what that meant, really. I did not know where to get started, until…I stumbled upon my fit tribe.

What started as a simple fitness journey has evolved into my life’s mission to change the world, one fit mama at a time. Women are the core of every family. When you change a mom, you impact her family and their legacy for generations to come. This is my PASSION. It is my MISSION and it is my CALLING.

This is a FIT MAMA REVOLUTION! No matter your circumstance, no matter your story, know that you are meant for greatness. It is time to unlock your full potential and it starts right now with you. Take a stand for your health, for the health of your family and for all your dreams and desires, fit mamas! Let’s go, let's join forces! It's time for a revolution!

If my story resonates with you, get in touch and take action!

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KEEP letting your light shine!


Aida Cyganek - Live Fit. Love Life.

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