Holiday Fun – 20 questions

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OMG! It is December 20th, which means 6 days till Christmas! You should already be in the sprit but if not, this should get you there. I had seen this fun 25 questions exercise somewhere online a while back and saved the questions.  Too bad I didn’t bookmark it as I would have loved to […]


Natural Cold Remedies

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It is cold & flu season and it seems everywhere I look, there is at least one or two people coughing and looking miserable.  You know what I hate most? Once it enters your home, it won’t leave until every single person in you household has been afflicted. Why is that? It is as if […]


Do you eat food that’s past its Best before date?

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My husband and I recently got into one of our age old debates about “Best before dates” on packaged food. He is a believer that it is just a suggestion. He always says, “Does it say expiry date? It says BEST before, which means it could still be GOOD”.  Yeah, he is a smart a** […]