21 Day Fix – Portion Control at its Absolute Best

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I have been using the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme exercise programs for about 2 years total and I absolutely love them.  I find that they are the most well balanced, time efficient and effective exercise programs I have EVER seen. I’m not exaggerating!  There is a reason that practically every single person that tries it, loves it!

The exercises are great but we have all heard that NUTRITION is the key to success.  Well, the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan has completely simplified healthy eating and portion control.  Again, another reason why this program quickly became my ‘soul mate’ and I recommend it to pretty much everyone that is trying to eat healthier and get in shape.

As a personal trainer, I have seen firsthand the role diet plays in clients’ results.  When I say diet, I am not referring to crash diets or starvation to get short-term results. I am referring to a well planned out, well balanced nutrition plan that takes in to consideration the individuals caloric needs, activity level as well as macro-nutrient (protein, carbs, fat) balance.

Newsflash! You can gain weight eating healthy. I know because it has happened to me before!!!!  In addition, contrary to popular belief, there isn’t one single macro-nutrient that is solely responsible for weight gain. Most people are quick to cut out carbs and fruit to get results.  The truth is our bodies need the right balance of all food groups. The key is learning to eat within our caloric limits for each food group.

I used to measure and weigh my food and use various tracking tools to track my caloric intake. I still do from time to time depending on what my goals are at the time.  This method, although very effective when done correctly can be very frustrating and time consuming. Essentially, the 21 Day Fix program has created a way for us to get the same results without having to weigh and calculate every single food that goes into our mouth. It has certainly made my life easier in this respect.

In your 21 Day Fix Package you’ll get:

21 day fix containers

  • 1 Green Container for Vegetables
  • 1 Purple Container for Fruits
  • 1 Red Container for Proteins
  • 1Yellow Container for Carbohydrates
  • 1 Blue Container for Healthy Fats and Cheeses
  • 2 Orange Containers for Seeds and dressings
  • 1 Shakeology Cup for Mixing Drinks

In total, you have 7 containers in 6 different colors and sizes. Each container must be filled with the respective type of food.  The allowed foods for each container type are listed in the nutrition guide that is included in the plan.

Using a formula provided in the nutrition guide, you determine your target calories.  You will then be given a certain number of containers in each of the colours listed above.  As long as you only eat the food that fits in your containers, you know you are eating the right amounts for each food group. Your body will get the nutrients it needs to work effectively and will quickly start shedding unwanted fat = RESULTS!

What I love about this program is the fact that it is not a FAD DIET. It is a lifestyle change. It teaches everyone portion and calorie control. It teaches balance. I find that 21 Day Fix graduates have a better understanding and awareness of their food intake and what their body needs. Isn’t that amazing?

Check out this video to learn more about the program and see if it is the right fit for you:

Note: The 21 Day Fix Containers kit and nutrition plan can be bought separately.  I personally, recommend the sale bundle that includes the exercise program, nutrition plan, portion control containers, and Shakeology for best results.

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